I have to imagine that if Will Smith actually sees Jaden’s tweets, he has a Hank Hill moment every time….


'dangit Jaden!'


'muttering butterflies?'


'That boy ain't right.'

If you eat anything, you’re ‘on a diet.’  Just to clear that up.  That’s what the word means.  Whatever you eat, that’s your diet.

Say you write a song about a chandelier, and the chandelier gives off light. And the light is the color red and red reminds you of the color your not supposed to wear around a bull. So you name the song Cow.
Billy Corgan




I’m sure all of you guys have heard about the wonderful miss Cassidy Campbell who won Homecoming Queen at her school in California. Once again a moment that should have been celebrated is now being ridiculed and degraded by the ignorance and hatred in our ‘fellow people’. This is absolutely sick and disgusting. The amount of HATRED that this girl is getting is simply ASTOUNDING and it needs to stop. This girl is a human being, just like EVERYONE ELSE, and the fact that she has to go through ANY of this blatant hatred and corruption makes me sick to my stomach. And of course she’s not the only one either. Thousands of trans* people have to go through this EVERY SINGLE DAY. It infuriates me how people think that it’s OKAY and even RIGHT to degrade someone like that. Goddamn it people, get your head out of your asses and start acting like human beings.


and again we see that the greatest insult to the human race is, in fact, the majority of the human race.  Isn’t it sad that so many people in the United States are so terribly worried about their freedoms, but at the same time have the amazing audacity to judge others based on their genitals or the gender they identify with or any personal decisions made associated with these?  Let me put it another way…. if you feel personally offended or outraged to the point that you have  to voice your opinion about another human beings sex, gender or transition  you are a punk bitch.  Whether you’re a religious nut who thinks themselves so very righteous that you can pass judgement or you’re an uptight, repressed prude - your real problem is you’re scared of dealing with things you don’t understand and you’re too much of a bitch to just admit that and deal with it anyway.

I don’t want to alarm anyone… but when you leave here, you might want to check your back seat before you get in your car. When you get home, try to remember whether you left your shower curtain open or closed…
paraphrased, Stephen King
Remember to use your imagination - it’s more important than facts.
no teacher i ever had
found some ancient pics… edited this one in gimp…  yeah, this is me before my Junior prom…. back in the dark ages

found some ancient pics… edited this one in gimp…  yeah, this is me before my Junior prom…. back in the dark ages

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
Eric Hoffer
Because learning does not consist only of knowing what we must or we can do, but also of knowing what we could do and perhaps should not do.
Umberto Eco
The acquisition of knowledge is always of use to the intellect, because it may thus drive out useless things and retain the good. For nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first known.
Leonardo da Vinci